General Terms and Conditions
 Application / Contract
 Einzugsermächtigung (direct debiting mandate)
Terms and conditions of trade and agency

1. If, due to the mediation of ihre Mitwohnzentrale or due to an information obtained therefrom, housing space is let to you - either by verbal or written agreement with the landlord or the party offering accomodation - you must inform ihre Mitwohnzentrale immediately and have to pay the commission fee agreed upon to the full amount. This shall apply, no matter you have alredy moved into the rooms or not.

2. You have to establish contact with the party offering accomodation and have to make the necessary arrangements with the party offering accomodation or the landlord. ihre Mitwohnzentrale does not take responsibility for the existence of permissions to sublease or other nessesary permissions.

3.You have to inform ihre Mitwohnzentrale immediately also in case that
  • no agreement has been reached/ no lease contract has been signed,
  • the assistance of ihre Mitwohnzentrale is no longer required. If a lease contract is not signed you have the possibility to obtain new offers from ihre Mitwohnzentrale
  • or cancel the contract of mediation.
4. If you cancel the contract, you thereby confirm, not to have rented accomodation obtained by ihre Mitwohnzentrale and not to use the given addresses any longer.

5. You must not to pass any offers from ihre Mitwohnzentrale to third parties. In case of non-compliance with this agreement you are held liable by ihre Mitwohnzentrale to the amount of the full commision fee.

6. Each lease agreement between you an the party offering accomodation (landlord) is subject to a mediation fee, which has to be paid to ihre Mitwohnzentrale, even then, if the accomodation space is rented later, or if the accomodation is rented in the name of third parties. ihre Mitwohnzentrale has to be informed instantly, if the tender is known from another source.

7. A mediation fee will be charged, if the landlord, to which you where referred by ihre Mitwohnzentrale, offers the latter a housing space different from that indicated by ihre Mitwohnzentrale. This is also vaild in case the landlord is not the owner of accomodation or suggests accomodation space in the name of third parties.

8. As regards the mediation fee, it is based on the maximum lenth of stay. If there is deviation, ihre Mitwohnzentrale is free to adjust the mediation fee to the current length of stay. In case of prolongation of the contract, ihre Mitwohnzentrale is entitled to charge the maximum fee.

9. It is expressly excluded that ihre Mitwohnzentrale is held liable in case no mediation is brought about.

10. Amendments or supplements to the contract of mediation shall only be valid, if they have been made in writing.

11. If one of the terms of this contract is or becomes fully or partly legally invailid, the vailidity of the other terms shall not be affected thereby. In this case, the contract has to be executed according to its contents.

The progressive commission is stated as follows:
- up to 1 Month: 30% of one months rent,
- up to 2 Months: 45% of one months rent,
- up to 3 Months: 60% of one months rent,
- up to 4 Months: 75% of one months rent,
- up to 5 Months: 90% of one months rent,
- up to 6 Months: 105% of one months rent,
- up to 7 Months: 120% of one months rent,
- up to 9 Months: 135% of one months rent,
- up to 11 Months: 150% of one months rent,
- more than 12 Mths.: 180% of one months rent

The legal rate of VAT will be added to all commissions (currently 19%).

In your own interests, please get in touch with landlords immediately and keep appointments.

And: The better and quicker you let us know how you get on with the offers we send you, the better we can find the right accommodation for you.

Hamburg, 12/2004