Dear interested person,

thank you for your interest.

You are looking for an apartment or a room for a limited or unlimited period of time. We gladly help you with your search.

Before we can make arrangements for you to view suitable objects, it is necessary to make an application/contract with us (papers annexed).

Please send the application/contract - filled in and signed - back to us. On the end of this information you will find our general trade conditions.

Please enclose a readable copy of your identification card in your answer. It is needed as proof of your registered address.

In case that you have a bank account in Germany please fill and sign the annexed "Einzugsermächtigung" that will enable us to transfer the provision fee after successful negotiation directly from your bank account.

Call us a few hours later. You will then receive from us your contract-number over the telephone, with which you always can find out about new objects. Faxing offers to you, of course, is also possible.

Yours sincerely
ihre mitwohnzentrale / Flat Sharing Office